Packaging is an important part of product marketing. It can be the single most influential

factor in a customer’s buying decision. Graphic visuals on product packaging can have a huge impact on whether or not someone chooses to buy your product.

The custom printed packaging boxes should be appealing to the customer. It is possible through the use of graphics and colors on product boxes. If a package is well designed, it will catch the eye of potential buyers as they walk down store shelves.

In this blog post, we will discuss how colors and shapes used on product packaging boxes influence customers’ buying decisions.

The Vitality of Attractive Packaging

Product packaging is so vital in product marketing. It can influence the customer’s decision to purchase a certain product, whether that be through color or design appeal. The colors and shapes of product boxes should provide an attractive package for consumers. It also represents what is inside, from the company logo down to the details on each product.

Graphic visuals are critical when it comes to attracting customers with products. They are not only important because they help grab attention but also make products more recognizable.

Different Colors: The Influence of Color on Product Packaging Boxes

When choosing a color scheme for your product packaging box, there are many choices one has at their disposal. However, different colors have different effects on viewers’ buying decisions depending on which emotion they represent. You should know the philosophy of colors and choose them accordingly.

For example, the color green is often used to represent nature and cleanliness. Some product brands use more than one hue or color on their boxes to create a balanced effect. 

For instance, if you have an orange product packaging box but want it to look as good as possible. Do not just choose your favorite shade of blue for the font because they will clash. Instead, try using purple and yellow hues together that overall there is balance.

How to Effectively Design Your Packaging?

Following are some tips that you can follow to have an exceptional packaging design for your products.

Choose the Sturdy Packaging Stock

If you are a product manufacturer, then choosing the right packaging stock is very important because it will determine how your product looks. If you want to have a long-lasting product, then choose sturdy cardboard, paper, and plastic packaging.

Keep Instructions on Packaging for Easy Disposal

In order to make sure that people know what they can do with the package after buying it, keep instructions written on them so that they know whether or not they need any special disposal techniques in order to recycle or dispose of the item properly.

Use Illustrations Rather Than Pictures on Your Package Design

Pictures might be appealing, but when designing your product packaging, try using illustrations instead. You need to have designers that give you various options while deciding the artwork.

Benefits of Product Packaging

Take a look below at some of the benefits of custom product packaging.

Product Visibility

When a product is packaged, it becomes more visible to the customer’s eye. This means that you’ll be able to see your product in stores or online, for instance, which can increase sales.

Product Protection

Packaging helps provide both physical and chemical protection against damage caused by rough handling of the package and any possible contamination from outside sources such as spills or other types of accidents etc.

Product Safety

The packaging ensures to secure the products in transit as well as in storage. This will protect the product from being damaged.

Product Durability

Packaging can be made out of different types of material to ensure the product is durable enough to withstand any type of damage and maintain its quality while in transit or storage etc.

Brand Identity

Packaged products are a symbol of your brand identity. They help create an image of what you’re selling, which makes it uniquely yours. This also means that packaging creates a recognizable mark on consumers’ minds when they see it again at another time. Like at the store or online, too. So, this helps with branding and promotion efforts as well.

Informative Content

The product’s package should always include information such as nutritional facts and other important details that would affect purchasing decisions by customers. Moreover, the packaging should be all-inclusive while giving information to your customers about the product and your brand.

Add Inserts in the Packaging

An additional way to use product packaging is by adding inserts into the product’s box. This could be something like a recipe card, or it could include an insert about your company as well.

Moreover, you can make your packaging communicative by adding hand-made inserts. But you are offering the products in bulk. Then you can also utilize the printed inserts.

The printed inserts come in different sizes as well. Some might be bigger than others while still giving your customer enough information about the product.

These product inserts are also convenient for those who may not need all of what is on there or cannot read certain languages because they have hand-drawn images instead of words. In addition, these inserts could be inserted into any type of product box without too much fuss.

The Final Words

To sum up, product packaging is important because it influences buyers’ decisions when they purchase products online or from physical stores. Graphic visuals on product packaging can be used as promotional tools by using color psychology and creating balance for the good visual appeal of the product box design.

There are many tips you could follow if you want your product package designs to look exceptional. For example, choosing a unique color scheme and making sure there is a contrast between font types. This will make your product appealing and stands out among others.

For the attractive packaging solutions, you can reach out to custom packaging manufacturers USA. Customize away your packaging and make your brand distinguished in the vast market.

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