Basketball is the game of generalists which means that you can play with whoever you want, and the person needs to have the basic general skills of a normal athlete. This game is celebrated in the world like no other and has dedicated fans in any sports arena you step into.

The fame of the game and its rising popularity made game designers create a fantasy basketball app with the best aspects of the sport combined into one entertaining experience. You can choose the best players based on their performance and get the latest game news through regular updates and also participate in tournaments designed according to live schedules.

Let’s check out how one of the game’s stalwarts, Kobe Bryant became the most famous 21st-century basketball player who defied all challenges to make a name for himself among the greatest of the great.

A Mirror of Michael Jordan

Throughout his career, Kobe has mirrored and played almost all the moves Jordan to perfection and, in a way, evolved them over time. Every time he stepped foot on the court, people could feel the presence of the other legend in him that echoed great persistence and talent combined with dedication.

Even visually, the similarities in moves and method of play were strikingly obvious. The audience could not dissociate between them and had to look twice to understand who was playing.

The youngster was always blown away by how Jordan handled himself and took after him like a father. He adored and wanted to become his hero so much that even in a match as rivals, he was determined to know from him about a fade-away jump shot which was pretty insane.

A Fan Favorite

Kobe built a persona over time that fans adored and became loyal followers of. Kobe was immovable throughout his career and became something of a legend that everyone would love and want to be inspired by as they grew up. This persona became a lasting experience that became a shadow of the mythical player. 

He elevated his status to the level of a hero, as a player whom the team could lean on in times of trouble.

Immovable Work Ethic

Bryant’s contemporaries were stunned whenever they shared the training room with him. He had a giant figure but was quite lean. He did a workout that lasted for hours, even after everyone had left the gym. Nights were days to him, and days became nights as he meshed both aspects and evolved into a juggernaut on the basketball court.

For his rash and aggressive playing, Bryant suffered many injuries and injured his right shoulder in a match. True to his reputation as a legend, Kobe played the entire match with his left arm and committed heavily to leading his team to the final win.

In 2013 Kobe tore his tendons yet continued to play a match with the defect until his team forced him to get off the court lest he completely ruined his physique.

A Great Father

Kobe was stoked to hear in an interview that since he has had so many daughters now, he needed to have a son who would help to carry out his legacy. Something expected from a legend, Kobe only replied that he was proud of his girls, and one of them had already followed in his footsteps after provoking them all to dream the biggest dream and achieve it. 

This proves that to become a true icon, you must conquer other things in life, not only in the sports department or your profession. This act of Kobe made him an inspiring figure to all the fathers in the nation who had loving daughters. 

The ‘Mamba Mentality’

There is a whole philosophy based on Kobe now and his strict regime that most athletes in the world follow. The fans have derived this into their lives and said that it had made a striking change in their daily work by showing consistent improvement in doing a task better by practising over and over again. The mamba mentality advises people to believe in themselves, do what is required, and eventually trust the process. This has brought remarkable change in the lives of the people around the world and has made them worshippers of this legend.

The Sudden Death

The strange and untimely death of Kobe, along with his beloved daughter due to an accident, has made him an even more global phenomenon. The phrase ‘heroes never die’ echoes throughout the world of the NBA only because of him. His sudden helicopter crash made the world silent for a day, mourning his death. Every living legend praises his talents and keeps on doing so, making him a great personality and an iconic figure of the sport. 

Final Words

To date, no one has a single allegation against the famous Kobe Bryant in any form or manner; they have only praised him and his iron presence on the court and as a pillar of support for his fellow players despite being labelled as the most selfish player ever to grace the sport. Kobe believed in an individual’s singular power, which shined through him every time he sprung to action. His rival in the team, Shaquille O’Neal, claimed that Kobe was a brother to him and loved him immensely but did not say it. After he died, Shaquille admitted to the public that Kobe was no less than any Michael Jordan or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and his name will forever remain glorified in the history of world sports.

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