1. They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

They’re stunning works of art that come in an assortment of shapes and colors, created by hand. Some collectors even boast impressive collections that rival those seen at Sotheby’s. 

However, while their aesthetic appeal may make glass bongs attractive options for smoking enthusiasts, there can be drawbacks to using one. They tend to be more fragile than plastic pipes; dropping one could result in cracked or broken pieces; thus it’s best to purchase one with a sturdy hard shell protecting its delicate interior.

While bongs may not be as durable as their silicone and acrylic counterparts, this site discusses the possibility that they could still last years if taken care of correctly. Many of them also include features like ice catchers and percolators to help ensure big hits every time.

Glass bongs provide another advantage over regular pipes or joints when it comes to hygiene: water and ice help filter and cool the smoke before it reaches your lips and lungs, making traditional smoking less harsh than before. Water will trap any residual ash in its chamber so it does not enter further into your lungs.

They’re often more convenient than joints or blunts because of their portability. Take it with you when traveling or visit friends’ houses – no worries about getting dirty hands on it. Plus, cleaning it is much simpler with less dirt build-up.

2. They’re Easy to Clean

An unclean bong can host bacteria and other microorganisms which may then be inhaled when using it to smoke from, leading to respiratory infections and other adverse side effects if not properly maintained. Therefore, it’s vitally important that glass bongs be kept as clean as possible in order to ensure optimal use.

Cleaning a glass water bong is easy and straightforward. Isopropyl alcohol and rock salt can be used, or special solutions designed specifically to clean acrylic, plastic or glass can be purchased. According to this site, soaking your piece for 20 to 60 minutes should remove any built up residue; for extremely dirty pieces longer soak times may be needed in order to break through stubborn dirt layers and caked resin deposits.

Some may prefer silicone or acrylic bongs, but those seeking an elevated smoking experience often opt for glass instead. they’re durable, affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and provide a smoother hit than other smoking apparatuses since their smoke travels through water or even ice before reaching lips and lungs.

Maintaining a clean glass bong is essential to both your health and its longevity, with regular removal of caked-on resin being replaced with clean water as the best way of maintaining pure and flavorful smoking experience and protecting it against cracking or breaking over time.

3. They’re Durable

They’re constructed out of thick borosilicate glass designed to be strong and long-lasting, originally employed in laboratory settings and kitchens. Borosilicate is resistant to thermal shock and temperature changes while being nonporous – perfect for smokers with sensitive lungs. These bongs make an excellent addition to any smoking session.

Glass makes a fantastic material for bongs due to its incredible versatility; you can form it into almost any design you can imagine, enabling you to personalize the experience by adding accessories like Downstems, ash catchers and percolators.

They’re lightweight yet easily portable making them an excellent option for those who are new to bong smoking. Glass also provides a lightweight setup experience which makes them suitable for beginners looking to enter this scene.

They also make an excellent choice compared to silicone or ceramic units because of their superior ergonomics. Ergonomics refers to the study and practice of designing products so they are comfortable for everyday use – they have been carefully constructed so as to be both users friendly and easy to grasp.

Conversely, silicone and ceramic bongs may be difficult to use due to their smooth surfaces that make handling more challenging than its metal counterparts. Ceramic units tend to be heavier, which could result in discomfort during long smoking sessions. While these issues should not necessarily derail your purchasing decision, they should certainly be considered when making this important purchase decision.

4. They’re More Affordable

They may look expensive, but they’re actually very affordable. You can buy bongs online in various sizes and materials from small bongs to larger water pipes at an average cost of $100 or less – making this an excellent option for new smokers who don’t want to invest too much upfront in something they may never use. Plus, you’ll still get all the quality craftsmanship of a high-end bong without breaking your budget.

They offer one of the best benefits of smoking: producing a cleaner hit than traditional pipes. This is due to water acting as a filter to cool and filter out irritants such as butane or carbon monoxide – this leads to smoother smoke with fewer harsh sensations on throat and lungs, making the experience all around more pleasurable and perfect for beginners.

Bongs can easily be customized to your unique smoking preferences. For instance, adding different mouthpieces, percolators, and ice catcher attachments can make the smoking experience smoother; making this an excellent way to enhance the smoking experience while looking cool in the process.

As with regular pipes, bongs can make for more enjoyable smoking sessions due to their aesthetic appeal. Constructed of sleek glass for a refined and luxurious aesthetic. Their versatile shapes and sizes ensure they fit easily into any decor theme or space.

If you’re on a tight budget, acrylic bongs may be more suitable than their glass counterparts as they’re generally made out of clear plastic and thus more cost effective. But be warned – acrylic bongs may crack easily. So be wary if this is your first experience using one.

If you have more experience and don’t mind spending over $100, larger glass bongs with advanced features like ice catcher attachments, percolators and multiple chambers may be worth investing in – as long as they meet your personal requirements for experience and cost considerations. Make sure to assess both factors when making this decision to ensure it will pay off over time.

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