Being as popular as cricket is in India, finding a way to earn money while watching your favourite team play seems to be like a dream for so many people. And online cricket betting does exactly this. It allows you to bet on several outcomes of the game in every format of the game. The best part is that you don’t need to go to betting houses and instead can place your bets online. Online betting odds are mainly divided into two format types, decimals and fractions. While the latter is vastly popular in Asia, the former is used generally in the UK and other countries. There are typically 4 cricket bets which yield you the most amount of money. They are match betting, completed matches, tied matches, and innings run betting. Along with these, there are numerous other bets for you to choose from. 

Earning money through cricket betting does involve not only luck but also thorough knowledge and also its latest tricks. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips to go for while putting your online cricket bets and help you earn that extra bit of money. Following are some of the free cricket tips which people need to follow:

  1. Choose trusted platforms

First, pick a site that hosts cricket as a segment under its sports booking section. Secondly, make sure that you verify the website you are using to place bets for its legitimacy. There are plenty of fake sites present that will steal money by fooling you. Most likely, you will find a hoard of trustworthy websites that feature cricket betting, so make sure you choose the one that provides maximum bonuses and has the best customer support.

  1. Look into the teams.

Find out the playing 11 of the teams and assess their past performances along with their current form. And then analyse the team’s head-to-head records against the opposition and their past few match results. Also, make sure to check in with other crucial factors as well, such as who has the home ground advantage, which team has won the toss etc.

  1. Bet on the underdog

Placing your bets on the underdog team in a cricket match will fetch you higher chances of winning immensely big payouts. Though it might look implausible, placing a bet on the underdog team is not a bad idea, as normally, the underdog team has all the stacks against him. Hence, if the underdog team wins the match, it results in you winning a big sum of money. 

  1. Do check the weather forecast.

You should harbour an in-depth knowledge of how the weather impacts the game. Be it the cloudy and windy conditions favouring the fast bowlers by making the ball swing that extra bit or if it’s sunny and the sky is clear, which poses no threat to the batsmen and results in them scoring a heap of runs.

  1. Follow the pitch inspections.

A pitch arguably has the biggest impact on the game.

A good green top will support the speedsters, while a dusty pitch will help the spinners by generating some extra spin on the ball. And a flat and dead track will provide no such help to the bowlers and result in a high-scoring match. Do not assume a pitch’s condition by referring to the previous matches held on the same ground, instead, look at the latest updates regarding the pitch before the match and make your decisions accordingly.

  1. Compare different odds

Always check different sites for better odds before placing your bets. Comparatively, some sites will offer far more favourable odds compared to others. So, do not be blind and just place bets on the same site all the time. Just keep on checking various bookmakers and choose the best one out of the lot. 

  1. Making use of the matched betting and arbitrage betting options

Arbitrage betting, along with matched betting, is the most viable option for beginners. It requires the least amount of complicated math work and gives immediate results. Arbitrage betting allows you to place your bets on all the different possible outcomes, which nearly always results in a profit. On the other hand, matched bets allow a person to earn profit by using all the joining bet bonuses and promotions.

  1. Set a budget

Do not use up all your money on placing bets, as you will require cash to cover your day-to-day expenses. Instead, set an amount of money aside that you can wholly spend on placing bets. Unfortunately, cricket bets do not always pay off, so it is not advisable to put a large amount of money on a single bet. As risky and addictive as it is, cricket bets can not be your only source of income.

  1. Be calm and analytical.

Whether you lose or win, you need to calm your nerves and not give in to your emotions. Do not lose your patience when you lose, and certainly do not get overconfident and start spending vigorously upon winning large bets. Enjoy every win, even the small ones and keep learning from your losses.

  1. Follow sport picks

Make sure you follow a few sports gurus in this field. They will provide educated sports picks and also justify their reasons. Try to take notes and learn from their prediction analysis. Although, make sure you do your research and choose the top experts according to you. But do not blindly follow their predictions, instead, do your research and come up with your predictions.

One can make proper earnings out of online cricket betting alongside enjoying the thrills and fast-pacing of game. Make sure you put these tips to effectively use and learn from your experiences. And instead of trying to earn fast money, take it slow and look at the long-term perspective. Anyways, that’s it for now. Do tell us what other content you want us to cover next. Till next time, have a good time betting.

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