“I don’t know how to write an academic essay which could fetch me an A+ grade.” Are you going through the same pain and worrying about your essay assignments? Looking for somebody to help you with your research? Then you are not alone. More than 65% of students failed to meet every requirement of an essay.

But don’t worry! You have arrived at the right place. Follow this article, guided by Myassignmenthelp.com academic experts and execute the writing process as per their reviews to stay ahead in the class. It is essential to know the root of the problem to provide a solution. First, identify the reason what makes the student’s essay writing process so challenging. The problems are:

1. Unable to choose the right topic

The first staple to write an excellent essay is picking the appropriate topic relevant to your research field. But the task is not very easy. Most students have no clue what to choose, and they end up stuck in the midway. 

The solution:

As per Myassignmenthelp review, always focus on two things while picking your research topic. The first is, choose a topic that is relevant to your discipline. And second is to check whether the topic aligns with your interest. If both the criteria match together, check the research scope and verify the availability of source materials to get the most suitable topic for your assignment.

2. Poor writing skill

Poor writing skill is another significant reason behind students’ difficulty. The reason behind poor writing skills could be many. It could be poor researching skills, bad analytical skills, or not knowing how to organize all the information articulately. Or they don’t know how to use the correct referencing styles. 

The solution:

The most prominent solution is writing. Practice writing as much as possible. Refer to various articles, journals, essays by valued authors. Try to observe their patterns. From title to introduction, to abstract to body till conclusion how they have made the journey, try to replicate and incorporate the essence in your essay. The more you will practice writing, the more comprehensive your vision would become to analyze things from different perspectives. It will develop your organizational skill as well. 

For any referencing styles, be it APA, MLA, Oxford or Chicago, follow the guidelines. You can contact Myassignmenthelp.com. They have got great My assignment help reviews for catering to all kinds of referencing styles.

3. Tight deadline

Students amidst hundreds of academic tasks hardly get time for writing assignments. But they can’t ignore it as it carries a good number of grades in its bag. Students mainly suffer because they have a stringent deadline. And, some even procrastinate do their tasks and end up panicking when the deadline comes near. Some even become reluctant to do the homework because of a tricky topic or the unavailability of correct resources. Or some even stressed out of the fear of getting a failing grade. 

The solution:

The only solution to this problem is planning a road map. If you have several works on your plate, make a schedule. Allot specific time for each task. This way, you will know how much time to invest in which work, and you will never run of time. If you have difficulty understanding a topic, take expert help to score well.

4. Poor Structure

Proper structure is essential as it tells you where to discuss which point. Conversely, a poor structure can cost you your grades.

The Solution:

As per the MyAssignmenthelp.com expert reviews, the commonest structure for writing an essay is introduction, body and conclusion. In addition, you might need to add a title page in the beginning and a reference list at the end to highlight all the sources.

Make an eye-catchy, engaging introduction to grab the attention of the professor. Then, in the body, give a detailed description of all the main arguments with evidence. And, in conclusion, restate the research question to provide it with a proper ending. Proofread and cite. Follow these steps to overcome your struggles and compose an impeccable essay.

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